4 May 2015

Finishing the Stairs

To finish the stairs there were a number of elements.  We wanted a glazing balustrade at the top of the stairs, to span the width of the stair return.  Obviously we wanted as clean and simple a look as possible, ideally floating and frameless.  Charlie forwarded me a gorgeous photo example but it came with a £1000 price tag!  No chance, all the money had gone!  But Charlie regrouped and came up tops when he found local firm Aluminox.  Steve of Aluminox recommended his side-fixing frameless channel system.  

Once the channel and glass were installed we clad the exterior in more Dinesen Douglas Fir for a seamless look.  We've also hidden an LED strip to downlight the threshold of the stairs.

I eventually found the time to lye and oil the Dinesen Douglas staircase (see What a beautiful floor).  The lye lightens the floor and prevents the orange colour developing.

As a handrail is a Building Control requirement I quickly had to come up with a design.  


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