4 May 2015

Blog overload!

I'm soooo sorry for the blog cascade.  Why the sudden flood of information?  A deadline of course.  For those that don't yet know- we are going to be on TV tomorrow, or today if this gets sent out in the morning.

Building the dream, More4, 9pm.

Nobody told me my feet were going to be in the shot...elegant crocs!

We will see it for the first time at the same time as everyone else...

See you on the other side!


  1. Hello Tara. I've really enjoyed reading your blogs. I don't know how you've found time for keeping them going despite everything else that's going on, but I'm glad you have! I found you via Charlie Luxton's site as I've commissioned him for my own build, which has just gone to planning, so I've got it all to look forward to : o ! I'm looking forward to seeing it all take place on the telly tonight. Enjoy! Angela

  2. We really enjoyed the show, having grown up in the area and looking at building on our own sloping plot in East Sussex. Thanks for sharing your experiences.