4 Jan 2014

Christmas Break

Happy New Year!

The project has been there in the background but family life has taken priority for a couple of weeks!  It has been great to have a little rest from the constant busy-ness of the build. Not that we haven't been busy with Christmas in Cork and New Year in Oxford but it has been lovely to catch up with friends and family.

The house has now been named and registered, it's a shame you don't get a birth certificate. This has been harder than naming a child. Do you name it for it's shape and form, it's design ethos, it's position, something relevant to locality, us, the design team?  Nothing boring, comic, or twee. Nothing too self important and formal. It's a very fine line between interesting and naff. For months now the back of the kitchen door has been covered in suggestions. Everyone who has visited us has given us their opinion. Other names were in strong contention for a long while, but in the end when the right name came along we knew it straight away.  I don't think it is a popular choice, but it is our choice.  What is it? We're not going to share it now, we'll keep it for a surprise for later.

In December Andrew and Paul returned to Somerset but work continued as CLD released the drawings package for the house, the exterior and fabric drawings. There are some gorgeous little details which were so exciting to see.  I got very excited about a metal detail at the bottom of the slate cladding which will prevent the water running straight down the wood cladding. The en-suite bathroom has changed and the guest/music/play/everything else room is taking shape.  

Andrew is now getting into all the details himself and checking it is all workable as well as projecting the costings for the next stage of the build in more detail.  When we know how much that is going to cost then we will be able to start on the very exciting part of the interiors.  But like me, you will just have to learn to be very patient until then - it doesn't come naturally...  

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But this doesn't stop me dreaming and obsessing and over the break I have refined my pinterest boards (look at me, all over these social media sites!).  I can't rave enough about pinterest, it's so amazing - no longer am I restricted to just what is in magazines.  If you are interested in what i find inspiring please go over and take a look. 

On site - the water company confirmed that they would make the connection before Christmas.  I went up the day after the connection was supposed to have been completed only to find the temporary traffic lights still in place and a big hole in the road (into which the rain water runoff was pouring!).  

It seems that the ground broke their digger and they were waiting for another to be delivered from Birmingham.  "Bad ground" they said, "I know" I said.  Fortunately this was one delay/problem that had no implications for me!  I waved them good luck and farewell in the rain, they had yet to actually locate the mains water pipe in all that solid rock under the road.

3 Jan 2014

Week 5 - Pouring the footings of the retaining walls

The final few days of work before Christmas - getting those foundations for the retaining walls poured!

It was exhausting, relentless work from the look of it.  Andrew and Paul looked wrecked!  It took a few hours but so good to see something happening.  I think it buoyed all our spirits.  

Week 4 - Propping the slip and best foot forward

So Monday afternoon saw Charles, our structural engineer, and I, join Andrew on site to have a look at the slip and discuss next steps.  Charles was happy that we could prop the area and that would allow work to continue safely.  Andrew was keen that our solution be in timber as that's what he knows best and it can also be reused later in the project - sustainability!

So by Tuesday afternoon we had the very lovely hand drawn drawings (it makes me want all my technical drawings done by hand now!) and the delay was over.