3 Jan 2014

Week 5 - Pouring the footings of the retaining walls

The final few days of work before Christmas - getting those foundations for the retaining walls poured!

It was exhausting, relentless work from the look of it.  Andrew and Paul looked wrecked!  It took a few hours but so good to see something happening.  I think it buoyed all our spirits.  

The guys from J & L Concrete pumping were great, we look forward to seeing them again.

As the mains water is not yet connected, we couldn't be sure that water would be ready on site to allow us to pour the concrete into the walls. And rather than leave a job half finished over the holiday break we made a decision to stop at the footings stage and do the two week job of building the walls and pouring the concrete first thing in the new year. A small delay but as there is no overall timetable yet it doesn't feel like we're making a sacrifice.  I think it's the right decision not to have things lying around and potentially damaged over the break - better to just get it all done at once.

Andrew and Paul can now get back to Somerset and enjoy all their Christmas shopping instead!

Merry Christmas.

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