22 Jan 2015

Still here

I'm still here and buried under a mountain of half-written posts! Once we moved in life got sooooooo busy, what with a half-finished not-quite-ready new home, new school, new location, new routines etc. etc.  So in the grand scheme of priorities blogging took the hit!

I also realised that I just needed to give myself a little bit of break and spend my very rare moments of spare time having a bit of a relax before I really did break.  

It was still full on with the build Sept-October, with the addition of living in the middle of it all.  November started easing off and we said goodbye to Andrew and Paul as they went to start a new project.  There was a paperwork frenzy in December and we finally got signed off the last week before everyone broke for the Festive season.  Christmas delightfully came and went along with birthday season in our home.  

So, batteries somewhat recharged I'm ready to get this whole experience recorded before I forget it all...