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  1. Hi Tara,
    What a lovely house you've built - well done. I watched the programme on Channel 4 this week and think your home is absolutely stunning!
    I came across your blog quite by accident whilst researching Dinesen flooring on line (I'm having a similar dilemma as you - the 'should I or shouldn't I go with Dinesen?' dilemma) and realised that this was the home featured in 'Building The Dream' programme.
    Can I be so cheeky to ask you who made your internal doors downstairs and are they fire doors? Building control have told me that all my doors in the loft conversation AND the old flat downstairs (where I currently have non-fire pine Victorian doors) have to be fire doors. I have scoured the internet for cool, contemporary fire doors but absolutely HATE everything on offer (apart from one door I liked but is manufactured in Italy and I'm not sure they're fire doors). I checked your suppliers' directory but nothing jumps out to say who the door makers are. By the way, I understand you designed the door handles - very nice indeed. Hope you can help...
    All the best,
    Maggie, London