2 May 2015

Floor tiles

If you look at the floorplan for the Upstairs, to the rear of our open plan area we have a series of smaller spaces which are all about utility - the bootroom, the pantry, WC.  I decided to use a more robust flooring material than the Dinesen Douglas which covered the main living areas.  To keep the palate of materials tight, slate tiles seemed like the obvious choice.

As always the aim was to get the best I could for a minimal budget.  Mandarin stone do a rectangular grey riven slate tile for £22/m2 which is amazing value. Luckily the month I needed to order, it was Stone of the Month and so I got an additional 25% discount!!!

The slate is 600 x 100, which wasn't quite the look I wanted so we cut the slates in half and continued with more herringbone... poor Stewart (see Bathroom installation for more herringbone tiling). 


As usual, contrary to most peoples mistake I have ended up with loads of extra tiles again, which I'm struggling to find a use for!  

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