4 May 2015

Parapet capping and watergoods

The vertically-hung slates were on, so the parapet needed capping before we dropped the scaffold.  I had got numerous quotes for folded zinc capping and the prices were eye-wateringly high mostly around the £4K mark. There was no allowance in the budget for this.  Andrew came to rescue by suggesting I contact Cladco in Devon, who supply agricultural and industrial roofing.  The price difference was amazing we had dropped from quotes of £4000 excl VAT to under £700. They could fold sheets of galvanised steel to the dimensions required in 3m lengths, and were happy to cut the off-cuts to size so that they could be used as flashing on the building too!  

It had been designed to have a minimal, barely noticeable appearance, capping the depth of the roof upstand.  For more info about the roof read Building up the roof and The roofing membrane is laid.  Andrew and I both felt very smug about the cost-cutting achieved.

It was also Cladco that I asked to provide the folded window metal reveals for the family bathroom as that would be less than £60!  

Then we had a over a week's delay whilst we waited on failed deliveries of our Lindab hoppers.  Poor Andrew drove all the way up from Somerset solely to take receipt of and fix the hoppers (we were desperate to get rid of the scaffolding and the extra costs) but had a wasted journey, they hadn't yet arrived at the distribution depot, which was actually in Somerset anyway.  It eventually turned up.

Done!  Quick call the scaffolders, take the scaffold away...

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