4 May 2015

Final week - Moving in

I have compared building your own home in the past to having a baby, the two processes have many things in common.  No more so than the final couple of weeks before you move in.  It's like being overdue by a couple of weeks.   You expected that baby to be out 14 days ago and now you are thoroughly fed up.  You are exhausted, uncomfortable, emotional and stressed.  All you want is to get that baby (or house) out and get on with the rest of your life!

We had hoped to move the final week of August but in the end that was put back to early September which meant that in the meantime the children had a lengthy commute to their new school.

My demeanour utterly changed.  My tolerance was zero, my goodwill disappeared.  It ended up being a ridiculously tight schedule of work with zero tolerance for any mistakes/delays.  The cowls were nowhere to be seen so work was focussed internally.  The painters arrived and spent a week painting the house, including the weekend.  As finances were getting ever tighter a number of jobs now fell at my feet.  Seal the concrete floors, finish the Dinesen window boards & staircase, and stain and varnish all the birch ply joinery.  The bathrooms and bedrooms were pretty ready.  The kitchen was installed.  What more did we need?  Come on already...

The scaffolding around the door was moved to allow the removal guys to get into the building.

This picture was taken a few weeks after we moved in, there were no slates when we moved in, but you get the idea - scaffolding everywhere, a ply sheet for an entrance!

In we came.

At last we were living in our new home.

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