4 May 2015

Slates go up, we are no longer naked

As some of the cowls had been fitted, but not all as we were waiting for the corrected pieces to come back, the slaters were finally able to begin on the entrance side of the house.  Their schedule had been pushed back again and again as the cowl palaver (see The Cowls) dragged on.  It was now September (they had originally been booked in for March).

I probably spoke to over 15 different roofers in my attempt to find the right guy.  This turned out to be Pete Allard of P.L. Allard Builders from nearby Painswick. 

Pete taking delivery of the reclaimed welsh slates.

For a good slate rant check out my earlier post More Belgian Inspiration - Slates.  As my supplier had fallen through Pete heroically sourced the required slates from a local reclamation yard in Gloucester, at a better price than I had anticipated - HOORAY, something is going well at last.  The slates arrived, we were all a little bemused by the fact that the slates had been crated and stored flat, slates should be side on for obvious reasons, but hey ho, forward action.

Lots of lovely weathering

First the battens had to be fixed.

Notice the bit of cowl on the scaffolding waiting to be fixed - the usual story of everything having to be done around each other.

Then the slating began...!

The slate clips looking great.  This will hold the slates more securely and also allow easy replacement of broken slates. 

There was a week or so delay in the middle as schedules clashed when the cowls were further delayed.  When they finally arrived Andrew and Paul fixed them in place (see The Cowls) but by then the slaters were off on another job and we just had to wait for breaks in their work to allow them to come back and complete it all. 

Look how gorgeous though.

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