5 Jun 2014

A sustainable kitchen!

I really wanted to stay true to the ethos of a sustainable build and try to get a kitchen that would be solidly made from sustainable materials and would last decades.  

As always I was searching high and low to find the solution where I can get outstanding design, excellent function and affordable prices.  A friend highly recommended the company who had built her beautiful kitchen - Sustainable Kitchens who are based in Bristol.  I gave them a call & went to visit their showroom.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect match.

The showroom is ever so gorgeous, and when you get to touch and feel a kitchen which has been so beautifully crafted you realise that anything else will be a massive compromise.  

Dimitri and I both enjoy cooking, in fact our lives revolve around it.  I had initially decided that with a limited budget I would spend on the appliances and save on the carcass.  However when I started to reflect on this I realised that this wasn't right. Appliances are easier to change and upgrade.  The carcass and cabinets though are a much bigger deal, they are here to stay.   This firm really do care about sustainable principles and put their ideals into action.  I was really excited about the possibility of working together.

Sam, Partner & Designer of Sustainable Kitchens, and I started with their classic Shaker Design- the one I had seen and loved in their showroom.  Sam drew it all up on the computer and sent me visualisation images. It was beautiful, simple and elegant but I just couldn't get that excited feeling. It took me a couple of weeks to realise that I wanted something a bit different.  This was a while ago and I hadn't yet finalised my limited materials palate for the internal finishes.  It was through this process that I realised that I really wanted a birch ply finish throughout the house.  Once the material had been chosen then that influenced the design of the cabinetry a lot.  I was interested in being able to see the edge of the ply and all those layers.

We've been refining, changing, playing with the kitchen design and we finally nearly there!  As it is all bespoke the choices are unlimited.  It has been a really creative and satisfying process.  We've interrogated numerous possibilities at almost every stage -

 Layout. Door design. Door material. Handles. Drawer design. Countertop materials (the biggest issue I reckon!).  Countertop heights.  Plinths.  Upstands.  Upper level cabinets/shelves.  Sinks.  Extractors.  Appliances. Lighting.  Power sockets.  

Sam has been ever so patient, enthusiastic & supportive at every stage.  He has calmly interpreted my random whims of fancy.

You get a sneaky peak of the kitchen in the photo above.  We've designed a moveable island, so we were looking at castors.  

This is so exciting, it's going to be so beautiful!

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