16 Jun 2014

The roofing membrane is laid - we are now watertight!

I had lined up our contractors, GSPR, a good while ago to apply the single ply membrane to our roof.  They came highly recommended by one of our design team.  Then our schedule slipped and unfortunately clashed with another of their jobs.  The heavens also decided that they would add further to the delays by sending down pouring rain on the days when work should have started. Inside the house, water was soaking through and the boards that had been laid as sub-flooring were pretty saturated, with pools growing ever larger on the concrete floor below.  At last the stars aligned and the GSPR guys were able to begin. 

The first job on site was to dry the external OSB on to which the membrane was to be bonded.  Large and small flame-blowers were put to work.  Once the surface was dry the membrane could be rolled out and bonded.  We are using Ruvitex single ply system. My father is very doubting about flat roof systems in principle but we have been reassured that the technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the 70's & 80's.  This product comes with a 20yr warranty.

A few fiddly details; the guttering vents, ventilation stacks & roof lights.  It was also decided by the contractors, once on site, that we would need an additional product applied to guarantee watertightness- an aluminium edging strip that will ensure that no water can get behind the membrane on the parapet upstands.  An additional cost, but it's got to be done, shame it wasn't in the initial estimate.

There has been an issue with the membrane not bonding to the rooflight upstands, so Andrew is going to make some ply sleeves for the membrane to adhere to.

Look a small puddle of water...should I be worried?  When it rains the water gushes out and down, so this is what gathers when the rain has stopped.  It will evaporate, it's not massive...?!?

A return trip is due next week to finish the rooflight upstands and the gutter vent detailing.  Typically now that we are watertight, the rain stopped and the sun shone!

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