1 Jun 2014

The roof lights arrive

I am so pleased with our new roof lights.  So beautiful. 

It's such a shame that I won't often get to see the beautiful frames.  But everytime I look up at them from the inside I will know how gorgeous they look on the roof!  I've become such a geek during this building milarky, you are so involved with every detail big and small.

The guys at Roof-maker couldn't have been more helpful.  They arrived as scheduled and Andrew and Paul installed them within a blink of the eye.  

Just as well they were so quick to install as the weather has decided not to play ball and the downpours arrived and just kept coming.  You'll hear all about that in the next post.  But earlier in the week when the weather was better Andrew and Paul were continuing with linings and perforations through the roof.

It's been a fitful couple of weeks all said.

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