12 Feb 2014

Work starts on the house foundations!!!

Andrew, Paul and Ally returned to site last week, but with weather conditions being what they are it was no easy task!  My mum was heading back to Cork and on the way to the airport we stopped by the site to see how things were going and to drop off this week's baked treat, however we didn't hang around.  The driving, freezing rain and wind saw us off fairly quickly. After a quick chat, Andrew and Paul took shelter in the container and Ally in his digger.  It managed to drive them off too, shortly after lunch.

When the weather has allowed, they have been continuing with levelling the ground and laying stone so that vehicular access is good to the whole upper area. On the lower level the foundation work is starting.  We are having a raft foundation so the whole base is being built up and levelled.  The first thing was the slab perforations, where the drains will be (you can read more in 'A Failed Attempt At Lightening Bathroom Choices').  Ally has been moving earth around on the lower level ( see 'Garden Daydreaming Delight').

Our drains.

The past couple of weeks have seen a frantic flurry of paperwork. Not only were drawings needed on-site imminently, but the warranty providers are inspecting all the drawings and details - not necessarily a bad thing.  There is also the paperwork associated with drawing-down of funds from our self-build mortgage, but you will hear all about that soon, when I gather the emotional distance and fortitude to write about the shenanigans so far.

Off-site I have been tasked with sorting out the slates. Sourcing the reclaimed slates for the exterior and also finding a local roofer to install them. This has been very enjoyable, not least as an escape from the Kafka-esque paperwork issues.  It also reminds me that the amazing project which we are working towards is going to be our beautiful home and it will all be worth it in the end.  The tile size in our drawings is one of the smaller sizes, and although not stocked everywhere I have been able to find a few reclamation yards with enough in stock.  We've considered changing this size of slate but it has too many complications so I'd rather just stick with what we've got as long as I can find them.  I've loved looking at the photos of the tiles, all weathered and some are covered in lichen. It's a nice feeling to be giving these materials the next step in their life story.  It also means that I get distracted and over-excited by other random objects on their websites-  I AM partial to millstones and things made of metal! 

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