20 Feb 2014

Insulating the slab

Look at all our lovely insulation!!!

The insulation was laid down in these huge sheets which are glued together.  There are a couple of layers and the layout is
stepped so as to prevent a 'cold bridge' or a direct route through the insulation for any escaping heat.  

Excuse the blur, it was raining - a lot!

The hole in the middle is there on purpose.  It is our downstand key, which anchors the slab into the ground.  

Gale force winds and storms and even snow one morning, slowed work.  But Andrew and Paul took shelter in their cosy caravan & could jump out when there were any breaks in the weather. So fantastically, despite horrendous weather conditions, they are on track and have lost no time.

When no work could be done outside Andrew and Paul got to work indoors on their "site office".  Lights, a heater, insulation offcut (re-purposing!) bench - what more could you ask for? 
Thanks to Ally the driveway is now fab.  No more mud, it is level and stoned-up, so you can drive all the way across the top of the site now.

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