10 Jul 2014

Render and Plaster

Those experienced in the building trade know the difference between render and plaster.

The render, sand based cement with waterproofing additives, went off really quickly.  We think it must be the thermal mass releasing the heat from the last couple of weeks of good weather. It's this layer of render together with the plaster which forms the majority of our airtightness layer.  The plastering was started a couple of days earlier than expected. 

In order to keep things simple visually we have chosen a shadow gap detail on the door.  The stop bead itself is not expensive, but it was the fact that they only sell them in boxes of 50 which put the costs up.  So we now have about 30 pieces unused in each box, as we needed two different sizes of bead - anyone interested in buying them?  I'm becoming a supplier now!

There was a break in the work after all exterior walls had been rendered but not yet plastered, when we performed the critical air-tightness test (next post).  

WOW!  Mike and his team, R. Churchill Plastering, have done a fantastic job.  A local firm who were able to fit us in on pretty short notice.  It's a beautiful trade to watch - it's like ballet!  It's really looking like a proper house now.

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