6 Jul 2014

1st Fix Completion & MVHR

Alongside the 1st fix of plumbing and electrics, there was plenty of 1st fix carpentry to get done.  All openings and junctions got taped up with the very, very pricey airtightness tape.

Andrew and Paul also cracked on with the MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) installation.  We are using an Airflow system.  Large red oval ducts are running through the ceiling.

As the house will hopefully be incredibly airtight, we need a mechanical system to circulate air. The MVHR will take out stale air and condensation (from the kitchen, bathrooms and utility areas) and bring in fresh air (to the bedrooms, sitting room etc).  It will use the heat of the extracted air, via a heat exchanger, to warm the supply air.  Equally if the air inside the house is cooler than outside then it will cool the incoming air.  The efficiency is more than 90%, so will we have to use very little energy to maintain internal temperatures.  I'm really looking forward to the air quality - we will have fresh air constantly flowing into the house.  Everyone who has installed it is evangelical about it, the comfort levels are supposed to be fantastic and they say they notice the difference when they go into normal houses, especially in the winter when people keep the windows closed.  Allergens such as mould, dust and pollen should be hugely reduced too.

The sliding door running tracks were fitted.

Preparing the steels for render and plaster.

Andrew and Paul worked flat out in order to get the place ready for the plasterers to get started while they had a short break in the schedule (Paul was off to enjoy Glastonbury).

Starting to look like real rooms now!

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