28 Nov 2013

Week 2 - Trenching the services and utilites

Andrew and Paul got in touch with their inner moles and dug, trenched and tunnelled away.  

They dug the trench on the upper level which contains the ducting for gas and water connections.

Then came the lower level trenching - this was a much bigger job altogether, not helped by the fact that the weather turned and the heavens opened. At one point the digger fell into a trench - poor little Takeuchi, but no mortal damage. A breaker had to be hired as in some places the rock seams reappeared and the little digger just wasn't going to manage it.  But straining and groaning she got there in the end.

The ground has been really varied, there is the crazy sand like stuff- presumably crumbled limestone, seams of rock - or the core of the earth as Andrew likes to call it, and then rich black soil in the area I hope will become an orchard one day!

Off-site, it was all about the design of 'the hub', and finalising the structural details of the retaining walls.  So far so good, and only a minor, very manageable drama!

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