21 Nov 2013

Introducing our builder!

Our builders have started!  May I introduce 

Mr Andrew Dodden of Dodden Ltd...

and Paul.

(As well as Andrew's beloved little digger in the background.)

These fine fellows are the chaps who are going to build our house - Hooray!  

Andrew has been working closely with our team of designers and structural engineer since early summer.  Together they have collaborated to design a build which should be super efficient and super simple (we're hoping that that means quick and cheap to construct)!  The first day had an auspicious start with a clear and sunny welcome.

But there will be no building of the house yet, oh no!  First couple of weeks of work will involve getting all the services trenched and ducted, then it's all about retaining walls until Xmas probably. 

We've got water, gas and telecoms coming from the top of the site.   Then there is the very, very long trench to the bottom of the site which will house the drains and electricity.  We saw the seams of stone that lay beneath the ground when we made the cut, let's hope it doesn't make the trenching difficult...

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