28 Sep 2013

Our first visit to the Reclamation Yard

Today we spent a happy hour or so pottering about at a local reclamation yard. We were there to collect a sample of reclaimed slate tiles.  The upper level of our house is to be clad in vertically hung reclaimed slate. Really interesting to see all the crates with different size slates and the different colours of the slate.  We definitely preferred the blue-grey to the purple colour of slate (beginner blogger error - i failed to take photos of these to share with you). 

There were lots of other interesting things to look at though!

After a huge and cathartic purge of stuff last week (8 bin bags of clothing, baby/children/pregnancy related) and my visit to the charity shop/tip/recycling centre it felt really good to be looking at how to reuse items.  The recycling centre makes you reflect on the consumerist culture in which we live.  

Not sure what this item is, but it's bulk and solidity was alarmingly magnetic.  My godmother has been winding me up by talking about fountains in the front driveway but you know what, i could seriously dig this baby as a gentle and still water feature...the huge stone thing behind the blue flamingoes obviously!

(First post with photos - look at me!)

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