3 Sep 2013

learning the bloggin craft and making beginner's mistakes!

At the moment there's not much to write about.  Everyone else (architects, engineer  & builder) had a technical meeting today (i think!) where I would have just been a spare wheel and taken up valuable time trying to have everything explained to me.  So I've been spending all my time writing the story so far under the headings of the various pages under the title.  So that you can get the full picture of the journey so far... 

I just spent 1.5hrs writing 'the plot' section and then my computer crashed - AARRGGGHHHHH!  I'd forgotten what it was like. Having composed things in gmail for the last few years which regularly saves everything I have lost the habit of regularly hitting "save".  Well that will learn me!  I will see if I can re-summon the strength required to do it all over again in the next few days.  At least I should be faster next time.

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