18 Mar 2015

Bathroom installation

With 2nd fix now fully underway we had moved from the 'fabric' part of the build into the decorative part of the build and I was now in charge of subcontracting.  

I approached four different tilers for a quotation.  The prices varied by quite a considerable degree and in the end I choose Stewart who is SWC Flooring.  He came in with a competitive price, had provided two good references for me to speak to and could start within the timeframe allocated (not a lot, as schedules were out the window and Andrew never gave me much notice!) and seemed a friendly and helpful bloke.

It was herringbone pattern all the way, and Stewart reported dreaming about herringbone whilst on our job!

First was the bathroom tiles (for more info see Bathroom tiles - sourcing).  Stuart was brilliant about drawing up a template first so that we could check the position of the tiles around the corners and when they met edges, this gave us a cleaner final look.  In the main bathroom we have a window above the bath which lets in loads of light but needed consideration for water protection.  Tiling around the corners would spoil the look and make it too fussy so we decided to tile up to the edge and then line the window walls with metal sheet instead.  

I also decided that I didn't want the tiles to go up to the ceiling - water was never going to get up there.  I preferred the more restrained and simple look of just keeping in line with top of the window- all these tiny details!

Andrew and Stuart made sure that my attention was drawn to the edge of the tiles.  Our Fired Earth Forecast tiles are quite thick and made of terracota this left quite a visible raw edge.  They wisely advised me to use an angle at the edge and we found a nice non-shiny brushed steel profile.  It was a good call, and one aspect I had totally missed, and makes the whole thing look more finished and elegant.

Simpson's Ten Hinged Bath Screen

Once the tiles were in place our plumbers, Cotswold Green Energy could install all the Crosswater brassware - beautiful!  

Simple lines - Crosswater Central Shower valve

The grout colour chosen was a gentle grey, a tone or two lighter than the tiles.  Too dark a grey looked like public toilets and a cream colour just looked too cottage-like.  Detail, detail, detail.

Crosswater's Central Shower Kit

I've got plenty of extra tiles left over - perhaps too many, but one at least came in handy when the drill cracked the tile during the installation of the shower screen.

For more info about the bathroom fittings we chose see Bathroom love.

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