5 Feb 2015

Choosing the colours

In Stroud we are lucky to have Bailey Paints - a wonderful cornucopia of all things paint-related.  It was to them that I turned for everything to do with paint.  As I was quite overwhelmed about choosing colours I took advantage of their Colour Consultation Service.  Jane Peckitt, an experienced professional furniture painter and decorator, came for 2hr site visit and I couldn't have done it without her.

Little Greene's Colours of England & Colour Scales, and Grey Collection

Jane arrived into the chaos of the building site, with about 8 or 9 contractors also on site.  Her secret weapon was a file of nearly A4 size colour samples of the entire Little Greene colour library (for more info about why I chose Little Greene see here).  What a difference they made to job of looking at colours.  At that size it was so much easier to see what the colours looked like in situ and to see how they related to other colours.  

My tester pot samples

We started upstairs, peeled back the protective floor coverings and took a look at how different colours worked with the floor.  Jane listened carefully to what I what I wanted to achieve and used her amazing knowledge of colours to guide me through the options.  She was great at knowing which colours looked complementary together, moving expertly between different shades completely.  Jane was also able to flick quickly between the samples to lay her hands on samples that would offer me a brighter or more sombre option of any colour combo.  

We ended up choosing one of the colour scales from Little Greene's Grey Collection; flint, tusk and limestone.  These gave a lovely soft graduated background and then chose accent colours for my colour blocks.  I wanted to do something interesting with paint and between Pinterest and Remodelista I had been really inspired by painting just a block of colour which doesn't go up to the ceiling and also wraps around corners.  

I have fallen in love with Little Greene's Juniper Ash, a gorgeous rich warm blue, which will be used upstairs and downstairs.  And for our bedroom I've chosen the beautiful Bone China Blue which manages to be both blue and grey and ever so calm and elegant. 

I felt really excited as I was delighted with the colours and my design rules (see here) were all being ticked!

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