2 May 2014

Our Cardboard Box

It's been bit fragmented on site over the past couple of weeks due to Easter and last minute changes to the design. This has had implications for ordering and delivery of materials to site, and the work programme has been a little bit unpredictable. It's edge of the seat stuff here (or is that fly by the seat of your pants?!).

Work continued with the steico all around the rest of the house.  

Then Andrew and Paul started to construct the window supports and sleeves.  Lovely big bits of timber to support our massive windows.

In a last minute change our sheathing board is now a new product called Timbervent.  This 12mm wood fibre board has been nailed to the outside of the steico beams.  The change is due to the fact that Timbervent is stronger and has much better breathability. It's more expensive than the board previously specified, 11mm OSB3 sheathing, so there has been an uplift in price, but we all think it's worth the improvement it brings.  In general the budget for the build is looking good at the moment.

Timbervent nailed to the ply part of the Steico Beam

Within the fabric of the building there is a gradient of breathability from the inside to the outside layers, this is to prevent condensation accumulating.  We start with concrete block, then insulation (this will be pumped in in a week or two), then the timbervent.  

Our Ibiza-style dance floor roof!

Our house now looks like a giant cardboard box.

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