21 Apr 2014

The superstructure continues

The steels arrived on site, the blocklayers returned and up we went to the top. 

Huge upstairs window (looking out at the thick fog - a bit of a theme currently)

The kitchen window

The main entrance

Andrew and Paul got going on the steico-joists. 'Steico' is basically two pieces of ply joined by a woodfibre panel which forms a I cross-section.  This is where our MMC (modern method of construction) becomes apparent.  The concrete blocks are the internal layer and will give us huge amounts of thermal mass (this means that the temperatures within the house should stay quite stable). The I-beams provided by the joists are fixed to the outside of the blocks and will support the exterior layers of insulation, membranes and external claddings, so they are doing a lot of structural work.  Andrew talks about how they are basically made from waste material...at least that does something to offset the concrete used.

The roof window spaces are also visible now and I am SO excited about them!  I love that we will able to look up and see the sky. We have one above the cloakroom, one over the larder and one over the upstairs loo.  We've just specified Roofmaker's Fixed flat rooflight, it's going to look spectacular.  They are super-insulated and look gorgeous, I can't wait to see them installed. Roofmaker have a huge facebook following (see here) and really good reviews so I'm confident we've make the right choice.


These Dodden boys are fast, when materials are on site they don't mess around, it's a quick build really.  Thank goodness we're moving forward again.  Once you enclose the spaces your eyes are drawn to the walls, and they are pretty perfect.  We've all been commenting on how good the blockwork is.  You could almost leave them bare as an internal finish, but our plaster layer is an airtightness barrier and therefore vital - thank goodness for that (we've been having a lot of 'industrial' design conversations but I think bare block is too much)!

I think it looks pretty cool right now! I like the fins.

If you haven't realised I normally blog about a week behind where we are.  However, at the moment I'm a few weeks behind, so I'm hoping to catch up soon.  

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