20 Mar 2014

What fine walls!

The bricklayers (John, Nathan & Aaron) have been coursing away and the walls keep going up.  We have openings now for windows and doors.  The spaces are really starting to take shape.  It's so fast.  An amazing feeling of excitement!

At each stage the sense of space changes like elastic.  Sometimes OK, sometimes too small, interestingly never too large...does that say something about me?  The kid's room feels spacious, it will be two single rooms eventually but at the moment they love sharing and so in the first instance we will leave it as one large room.  I was afraid it be cramped for 3, but I think it's going to be good.  The two double bedrooms feel a little smaller than I thought - in my head they obviously got larger and larger. But they both have huge windows on two sides so there won't be any feelings of tightness when finished.  I need to draw the outline of our kingsize bed on the ground because, at the moment, it scarily feels like that will fill the whole room.

The bathroom windows are enormous, but as these rooms are in the back of the house they will need all the light they can get.  I don't think it's possible to say "hey, this room has got too much light!".  I know I shouldn't be surprised by any of this, it has all been there in the plans.  I thought I had got pretty good at looking at plans and visualising but i'm reminded that i'm only a beginner at all this.

Look no hole any longer! 

There are loads of other things that have been going on about interiors, and my head is spinning.  I will do some posts about all these things but at the moment I can barely find the time to just organise them in my head, never mind write about them.  Starting to feel a little overwhelmed - but that is the adventure, no one said it was going to be easy! 

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